The country's democratic transition has underscored the need to cement the rule of law as a fundamental principle

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Access to Justice

Mali has suffered ongoing attacks from armed groups, creating an enduring climate of conflict and volatility. Improved functioning of the criminal justice system can end impunity, which is perceived as one of the main causes of instability. The judiciary is overburdened, and slow justice delivery discourages the population from seeking formal legal remedies. Especially in the North, the criminal justice system remains dysfunctional and lacks public trust.

IDLO is working in Mali with criminal justice sector actors and institutions – both formal and informal – to help them provide credible and effective justice for Malian citizens by addressing locally-identified and specific contextual needs.


Building greater trust in Myanmar’s justice system with four community Rule of Law Centres:

IDLO and UNDP implement Rule of Law Centres in Myanmar

The centre's impact in the communities they serve



Working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

While constantly working towards the realization of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda, IDLO's Myanmar programs advance SDG 16 and contribute to the achievement of other goals.    [ Learn more ] 

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