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The country's democratic transition has underscored the need to cement the rule of law as a fundamental principle

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Access to Justice

The rule of law has the potential to bring about gender equality and women’s empowerment, but many women and girls continue to be denied equality. Unfortunately, laws can be used to restrict women's rights, justice institutions are often inaccessible and unresponsive, and women themselves are largely excluded from knowledge, processes and power structures that can bring about change. Furthermore, there continues to be impunity for gender-based violence.

IDLO is working around the world to dismantle discriminatory laws and institutions and bring about strong, fair and gender-responsive legal frameworks, as well to empower women and girls to claim their rights.


Building greater trust in Myanmar’s justice system with four community Rule of Law Centres:

IDLO and UNDP implement Rule of Law Centres in Myanmar

The centre's impact in the communities they serve



Working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

While constantly working towards the realization of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda, IDLO's Myanmar programs advance SDG 16 and contribute to the achievement of other goals.    [ Learn more ] 

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